Attitude Magazine 4th Anniversary Celebration in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok is a city of fashion and a hub for creativity as well as innovation. Attitude Magazine tracks itself parallel with this objective. After 4 years of continuous success, it is without a doubt this magazine has contributed largely to the fashion industry of the city of angels. Happy birthday Attitude Magazine. Here is a dedication to your success!

What is a fashion magazine party if there is no show of ....


Where are the swimwear you may ask?

What?! Want more?

You are hard to please. Ok. Here's more!

And also, great performance by .... Can u guess who they are?

Still can't recognize them? Here is another clip for you. Look closely.

It is a lot to take so we let you have your nose-bleeding session to yourself. As for us... stay tune to Attitude 2016 where they will provide us with their 5th anniversary and we bring to you the juicy parts.

Until then...

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