A Career Goal as a High School Teacher

By: Charlie Ward


Day to Day

On a day to day basis a teachers hours are pretty set and their route is very much the same, although what they are teaching each day may differ a lot. High School Teachers hours are from 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. (maybe later depending on the day) High School teachers make the lesson plans for their different classes and then teach them to High School students.

Working Place

Being a teacher has very little physical demands. The hardest thing would be correcting all the homework and tests, and dealing with snotty, disrespectful arrogant, high schoolers. And co-workers also.


The Average salary for a High School teacher in Minnesota is  $53,680 (19th highest in the nation) That salary will start lower and increase over time depending on how long you are there and can also increase if you get your masters degree ect.

Skills and Schooling

As a teacher you will need many different skills, like a good understanding of what you are teaching. You will need to be understanding of students, having lots of patients will help, classroom control,  and being trust worthy that you can teach the criteria.

You will need to complete a bachelors degree program and get a license to teach in Minnesota. Many teachers get a job student teaching and being a substitute to see what it is like and making sure that that is what they want to do.

Teaching Related Jobs
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Tutor
  • Principal
  • Superintendent


A good college that offers degrees in teaching is MSU Mankato.

About MSU


MSU is located in Mankato, Minnesota.


MSU is a generally a 2-4 year school. It has a urban school setting. The size of the nearest city is Mankato which has a population of 53,000 and growing. MSU is also co-ed.

Admission Requirements

20$ appication fee. MSU has a rolling admission. The ACT is the only required test, with 22 being the average score for students applying to MSU.


MSU offers bachelors and Masters Degree in General Education field.


9,114$ a year with financial aid opportunities available.


MSU has lots of sports from archery to wrestling. They are a Division 2 college. They also have many different clubs available.

How to Reach This Goal
Student TeachScore 22 or higher on ACTComplete bachelors degree in educationGet my teaching licenseAnd get a job as a High School teacher

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