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My name is Faith and I am 24 years old. I live in New York City. I am against slavery so I'm in the Union. This week is October 18th through the 22nd and it's 1863. My loved one, Trent Daniel, is stationed in Virginia.

Day one.

I woke up very early this morning. I could smell the crisp leaves outside. I woke up my daughter and picked up her room. I made her go outside and get me some eggs to make her breakfast. While I was waiting for Sophie, my daughter, I started sewing her bigger pants because it was going to start getting cold. She loved being outside during fall. It was her favorite season. I got out the letters her father sent her and sorted them out so she could read them. When she came back inside, I made her breakfast and our long day had begun. This morning I sewed clothing for my husband when he returned from the war.

As the day went on, I got dinner prepared so that I could make it. We didn't have time to eat lunch earlier. The day was ending soon. We went outside and fed the animals one last time for the day, since we feed them twice a day. When my daughter and I came back in from outside, we sat down and began talking about when her father would be home. I tried to stay strong for her because I knew it made Sophie sad when her father wasn't around. I put Sophie off to bed and finished the things I had slacked on. Finishing the night I washed the dishes and put them all away. I showered and went off to bed making sure all the lanterns were off. My first day without Trent was a long, tiring day. I was glad it was over.

Day two

Dear Trent,  

I've gone through some rough times with our daughter. She hates that you are gone. I feel the same way, but it hits her so much harder. We really miss you. She is already seven. It's crazy here without you around. There is so much work that I didn't even know you did until you left us. I heard about the war going on in Virginia and I knew that you were probably in it. I was hoping that you didn't get badly injured. When Sophie found out, it broke her heart. We hoped that you were doing alright. "As the Federal army withdrew towards Manassas Junction, Owens and Smyth’s Union brigades (Warren’s II Corps) fought a rearguard action against Stuart’s cavalry and infantry of Harry Hays’s division near Auburn. Stuart’s cavalry boldly bluffed Warren’s infantry and escaped disaster. The II Corps pushed on to Catlett Station on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad." It said all of that in the newspaper today, and it talked about the casualties. I hope on everything you aren't one of the people who died, and if you don't come home... I wouldn't know what I would do with Sophie.

Much love, Faith

Day three

I woke up this morning feeling unusual. I didn't wake Sophie up as early today because I needed a rest from her. She was so jumpy all the time, and I always found my self aggravated when she was around. I left her in the house asleep while I went down to the farm. When I got to the farm, I picked some of the ripened plants. My whole body aches. I wonder if I'm getting a disease going around or something. When I got back to our home, I woke Sophie up and told her the chores she had today. She wasn't ready for the day ahead and I knew that. Before she went outside, I told her to eat the things that were made. We went outside together and walked down to the farm, me for a second time in the hour. She ran far ahead of me and beat me to the farm. As I approached the farm, we got the food for the animals and restored their pens with hay. It was quite chilly out there today.

As we came back from our daily routine of feeding the animals, Sophie picking some plants, and walking through the pasture, I got into the barn and got the boots my husband had left. My job was to clean all of them for the troops. They needed nice fitting boots. After I did that, I sorted through some of the things my husband left and sent off letters he needed. For the final part of my day, before dinner, I mailed a different letter to where the war was saying how long they had been gone and how it was going for their families. I've always done that for them. I sent Sophie off to bed and laid down. My day was over and my eyes shut quickly.

Day four

The letter I received from Trent was good news! He didn't have bad injuries from the war he had experienced. I was thrilled. When I received the letter, he had already been through another war. It still worried me. Sophie was happy to hear that her daddy was doing fine. She told me how much she missed him, it broke my heart like nothing else. We were still happy that he had answered us. That meant he had made it through one of his many wars. He told us about another war that he had taken place in and that he made it through that one with a little injury. "No big deal" is what he said, but that doesn't always mean it's true. Anyway the war he was in was Bristoe Station. It was just a day later! I thought that was crazy. I'm so happy he is okay though. It made me feel better about him being gone.

Day five

Today I found out that Lincoln was assassinated! It was very shocking for me. I never would have even thought anyone would do that to our president. How could you even imagine doing so?! I can't believe someone would assassin him. It was very shocking.

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