Moonshiners Gold


Our story begins in the Panhandle of Texas in circa 1926 and our main character is young Riley McDaniels. Riley's father has just passed away and during the funeral Riley's mother noticed that her Father was missing. She asked Riley to go into town and find him. When Riley went to one of the old timey bars for old people he saw his Grampy and went up to him. Riley's Grandfather's name is Abner Dawson. As he was playing the fiddle his friend said "Shouldn't you be going to the funeral?" Abner said "Oh I forgot" and went running out. He ran into Riley and said "Your mother must be mad at me" Riley agreed and they ran to the funeral. The next day while Riley was at school he noticed a wagon driven by some men going into the canyon. He wondered if it was the Texas Rangers or some bootleggers. During recess Riley got into trouble and had to clean out the coal stove. During this cleaning session he found a bag of gold coins. (We find out later that during the night Red had hit some of the coins in the schoolhouse.) Riley decided to take one of the coins to show his Grampy. After school Riley and his brother Coy went to the canyon and saw smoke coming from it. They went to investigate the smoke and came across a moonshining still. One of the moonshiners noticed the boys and pulled a gun on them and told them to "Come out with your hands up!" The boys did as they were told and they were very scared. One of the moonshiners was named Charlie, the other one was named Red. Red was the meanest of the bunch. He wanted to get a knife and cut off Riley and Coy's ears. When Red went to get the knife Charlie who seemed the better of them all told the boys to get out of there fast! When they left they went to their house and told Grampy about the moonshiners and Riley showed him the gold coin he found in the stove. Some time later there was a knock on the door. It was the police and they had come to evict them out of their home. Grampy asked who was evicting them and he was told it was Mattie Sparrow who is Grampies sister. The family being very upset went to visit Mattie to ask why she was evicting them. She said that she had to because it was to expensive to keep the ranch where they lived and her home. Grampy told Mattie about the bootleggers and how they were moonshining on the ranch. Grampy asked Mattie to help him get rid of the bootleggers. The family went back to the ranch with the plan to have Grampy talk to the bootleggers and ask them to leave. Riley followed his grandfather to the canyon and he was not happy. He told Riley if he wanted to stay he would have to hide way up on top of the canyon. Riley agreed and climbed up the canyon. He had a pair of binoculars so he could keep an eye on his grandfather. Riley saw Grampy talking to Red and another man. The mans name was Constable McGregor. He was the leader of the gang but was pretending to be a policeman. Grampy asked the men to speak to Charlie as he seemed to be the level headed one of the bunch. McGregor told him that Charlie wasn't around any more and he would need to speak to him. Grampy told them that this was his ranch and they needed to leave or deal with the Texas Rangers. McGregor said "Tell them, I don't care." They picked up their guns and told Grampy to ride out of their or he would get shot. Grampy left just as the men had asked. The next day the family went to stay in town to be safe. They met a man named Aaron who said he knew McGregor. Aaron said that he was a bad man and should not be trusted. Aaron shows Grampy and the family around the town and helped them get a room for the night. The next morning Riley and Grampy found out that Aaron had been kidnapped and was being held in a secret jail called The Oasis which was run by McGregor. They found Aaron and Charlie who was an undercover Texas Ranger. They got them out and went to Mattie's house to regroup and come up with a plan to take down these bad guys. McGregor followed the men back to Matties house. He stormed in and demanded to know where Aaron was. Aaron, not wanting to cause a problem for the family, gave himself up to McGregor. Mattie who was very sick saw what was happening and pulled a gun out and told McGregor to let Aaron go and leave. Aaron tied up McGregor and they all left to go back to the ranch. Charlie contacted the Texas Rangers to let them know what was happening. They went to Mattie's house and arrested McGregor. Then they went to the ranch to meet up with Charlie so they could arrest Red. Charlie gave Riley a reward for helping capture McGregor and Red and helping them shut down the moonshine still. Charlie didn't know how much it would be and was so surprised to see the $2500.00. Now they could help Mattie and stay on the ranch.

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