Monday's Last Stand

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

I don't think this week is ready for us. Friday and Saturday are used to the energy that is coming, but I'm worried about Monday. Monday hasn't seen the determination and effort that we are bringing to the table today. Monday is used to having its way with us. Monday rocks us into a trance-like state that sets up the rest of the week to be the same as all the other weeks. We line up for Monday. We take our fate with quiet resignation, week after week. But not this week. This Monday is different. We aren't lining up at the water cooler to take the blue pill. The path we will choose today will be difficult and at times unbearable, but it is our choice. Monday isn't choosing for us this week. We aren't going to let this week, this day quietly slide into the calendar. Today will matter. We are on a mission to pry this Monday off the calendar and paste it into the history books. We will make this Monday a day that will live long beyond the 24 hours that it holds. This Monday will be a day that propels us to the future we have chosen. We are going to reach deep inside of Monday and rip out the Monday we want, the Monday we need. We will leave the shell of apathy and mediocrity that Monday has been trying to control us with. We are showing up at Monday's crib with a sledgehammer and an attitude, because we are pissed off for greatness. Monday, you can lock you door, you can hide under your bed, but we are coming. When you hear those footsteps on your porch, know that your time is over. We are taking back Monday, forever.