Marika Viragh

Adventure may hurt you but monotony may kill you

70.3 Miles to Africa

After months of training, I competed in half-ironman as a means of raising awareness, funds, and running shoes to send to a community center in Rwanda in May 2009. The community center is focused on providing aid to genocide refugees and those with mental and physical disabilities. The goal behind the project was to harness my interest in health and physical activity as a way to benefit the overall health of those who were impacted by tragedy.

Soccer Without Borders

My passion to spread my interests in athletics, health, and empowerment was met by a thriving nonprofit called, Soccer Without Border. My travels to Nicaragua to assist the efforts of the group proved to give a lasting impact and plant the seed for my continued involvement in the organization.

Colorado College Women's Soccer

As the captain of the NCAA Division 1 women's soccer team, I was faced with many hurdles. By instilling a sense of camaraderie , passion, and dedication, I helped lead us to a conference championship and a bid to the national tournament.

Upon graduation in May 2013, I moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue an internship at a digital media agency as a way to learn from top entrepreneurs and to understand the inter-workings of a young and dynamic company. The experience proved to be formative and insightful as I was charged with creating a business plan for a news-brief that is tailored to nonprofit executives and that will provide a platform for collaboration and thought leadership. In addition to the work I pursued at SmartBrief, I was able to spend times exploring and finding mental peace in the mountains of the Shenandoah national park.

Next stop, India

My next adventure leads me to the Himalayan mountains where I will work for a river rafting and outdoor education company as they attempt to navigate the world of eco-tourism in a responsible manner. I will be charged with stetting the structure for the Himalayan Outdoor Leadership Initiative, a movement towards involving local people in the operations of the river camps and helping to create a connection between natives and their stunning river valley.

. . . Onwards and upwards!

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