Raymonds Run


Imagine not having anything to do all day but take care of your older brother. Squeaky is a little girl with tiny arms and a squeaky voice .  Squeaky is a verry fast runner when she was younger she wont the 20 yard dash but now that she is older she has the 50 yard dash .  Squeeky plans to participate in the 50 yard dash and win again like she always does .

  Rising Action

The rising action occurs when squeaky is racing gretchen and notices her brother runing beside her on the other side of the fence .


The main conflict is between squeaky and Gretchen . Squeaky want to prove to Gretchen that she is not scared of her and maintain her title as the best in the 50 yard dash . Gretchen took her friends away and squeaky is probably hurt so she wants to beat Gretchen in the race .


When Squeaky seen raymond climb the fence smoothly ,  she remembered how she seen raymond run with his arms down by his side she started to realize that raymond would make a good runner . She jumped up and down happy to see raymond when he came over .

Falling Action

The falling action i is when Squeaky and her brother Raymond run into Gretchen and her friends and they try to intimidate her before the big race.


The resolution is that squeaky realizes that winning isn't all she can do .