World War I Photo Essay

Impact of War

This image illustrates the power of the new weapons developed and the damage done on the earth. What looks to have once been a forest is now an ash filled plain covered in burnt tree stumps. Physiologically and psychologically this would effect soldiers. Not only is it scary to see the aftermath, but for those who were there before it was destroyed would be scarred for life.


Cause of WWI

This image shows all on the work put into WWI and its cause. Looking at all these boats going into battle shows that there was some preparation. The militarism that led up to this war is really shown in this photo and makes it easy to see why there was so much tension and competition in Europe at the time.


Soldiers at War

Chemical warfare was a major factor of WWI. In this image one can see how terrifying this could be. Soldiers had to be ready to put on their gas masks at anytime. The smoke from the gas would impair vision, making it hard to see what is right in front of you. These men shown here are running out of the gas with no idea what they are running towards. With the loud noises of bombs and guns, and the impaired vision from the smoke, it is very easy to get confused. These soldiers may not have known if they were running to safety or directly at the enemies.


This is a picture of two men working a trench mortar. This photo captures a lot of what the war was like on the ground. It shows a cross between the new technological advancements in weapons and the new, slow tactics of trench warfare.


Civilians at War

This is a German kitchen that is making food for soldiers on the battle front. These people are innocent civilians participating in the war to give as much help as they could.This demonstrates total war and how everyone needs to chip in.


In this image a German submarine is attacking a British cargo ship. This demonstrates total war and how nothing, even the civilians navigating this cargo ship, are safe or off limits from the killing of this war.

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Weapons and New Technology

This is a photo of an aerial torpedo also known as a 'flying pig'. This image not only shows the development of new technology that made WWI so gruesome, but also how this war lacks technology. The torpedo was never seen before this war and had a very deadly effect both physically and pshycoligically. The horses in the background however are representative of how unadvanced much of this war was, and how the new technology of the time mainly focused around weapons.

This photo is of a German 77mm gun. This high-powered canon shoots a fragment shell that is 7.7 cm in diameter, that is close to 3 inches. It was a german invention and became one of the most widely renowned weapons in both World Wars. Although it was not very accurate, it was still quite deadly. Germans would shoot at a target that is miles away and could only hear it coming. These shells would tear down trees causing fragments of wooden shreds that were the main killer of this weapon.

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