Elizabeth Taylor by: Aaliyah Wilson

Elizabeth Taylor British-American actress

Timeline of Elizabeth Taylor's Life:

1932:Elizabeth Taylor was born in London to American parents Sara and Fransis on February 27th

1942:Makes her screen debut at the age of ten in There's one born every minute

1943:Appears in Lassie come home,her first film with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1944:Stars in National Velvet with Mickey Rooney and becomes a major child star.

1946:At the age of 14, publishes a memoir about her adventures with her pet chipmunk Nibbles, entitled Nibbles and Me. The book also includes Taylor's own illustratons.

July 14, 1947:Appears on the cover of Life magazine.

Jan. 16, 1950:Receives her high school diploma from University High School in Los Angeles after attending school on the MGM lot.

May 6, 1950:At the age of 18, marries hotel heir Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (Nicky and Paris Hilton are his grandnieces).

1949:Meets Montgomery Clift when the studio forces her to accompany him to the premiere of The Heiress.The two become lifelong friends.

1951:Stars in A place in the sun with Montgomery Clift.

Jan. 29, 1951:Divorces Nicky Hilton.

February 21,1952:Marries actor Michael Wilding.

1952:Stars in Ivanhoe.

1952:Stars in Love is better than ever.

Jan 6, 1953:Gives birth to son Michael Howard Wilding.

1953:Stars in The Girl Who Had Everything.

1954:Stars in The Last Time I Saw Paris

.Feb. 27, 1955:Gives birth to second son Christopher Edward Wilding.

1956:Stars in Giant with Rock Hudson and James Dean.

1956:After leaving a party at Taylor's house in Beverly Hills, Montgomery Clift falls asleep at the wheel and crashes his car into a telephone pole. Taylor is the first on the scene and saves him from choking by pulling two loose teeth from his throat. Though he survives, Clift's face must be reconstructed and he never plays a romantic lead again.

Jan. 26, 1957:Divorces Michael Wilding.

Feb. 2, 1957::Marries producer Mike Todd.

Aug. 6, 1957:Gives birth to daughter Elizabeth Frances Todd.

1957 :Raintree County is released, starring Taylor and Montgomery Clift. The film was being shot when Clift had his car accident. He finished filming after his face had been reconstructed. People flock to the theater to compare the "before and after" scenes of his face. Taylor is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role

.March 22, 1958:Mike Todd dies in a plane crash. The plane is called "Lucky Liz."

1958:Stars in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman. She is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role.

May 12, 1959:Marries singer Eddie Fisher. Fisher was still married to Debbie Reynolds when the relationship began and the relationship causes a huge scandal. When asked about the relationship in an interview, Taylor quipped: "What do you expect me to do? Sleep alone?"

1959:Stars in Suddenly,Last Summer with Katharine Hepburn. She is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role.

1960:Stars in Butterfield 8 with husband Eddie Fisher. The film is based on the novel by John O'Hara. Taylor hates the movie and tells reporters: "I hate the girl I play." Nonetheless, the film is a huge success, prompting Taylor to quip: "I still say it stinks."

1961:She accepts $1,000,000 to play the lead in Cleopatra opposite Richard Burton. This makes her the highest paid actress of the time. During filming, she suffers a life-threatening case of pneumonia and undergoes a tracheotomy.

1961:Wins the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Butterfield 8. Though most critics praised her performance, many people believe it to be a sympathy win because of her recent brush with death. Nominee Shirley MacLaine joked: "I lost to a tracheotomy!" Taylor herself later said: "Any of my three previous nominations were more deserving. I knew it was a sympathy award, but I was still proud to get it."

1963: Cleopatra is released. Taylor later says the film was "surely the most bizarre piece of entertainment ever to be perpetrated."

March 6, 1964:Divorces Eddie Fisher.

1964:She and Fisher begin the process of adopting a daughter, Maria.

March 15, 1964:Marries Richard Burton.

1964:After Taylor marries Burton, Maria is adopted by Burton and takes his last name.

1964: Stars in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with husband Richard Burton and Sandy Dennis. Taylor wins the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role. Dennis wins the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

1969:Richard Burton gives her the 69-carat Burton-Cartier Diamond. It is renamed the Burton-Taylor Diamond.

June 26, 1974:Divorces Richard Burton.

Oct. 10, 1975:Re-marries Richard Burton.

July 29, 1976:Divorces Richard Burton for the second time.

Dec. 4, 1976:Marries Republican senator John Warner.

1981:Appears on Broadway in The Little Foxes. She is nominated for a Tony Award for her role.

Nov. 7. 1982:Divorces John Warner. She later says about the experience of being married to a politician: "It was one of the most boring experiences I've ever had. You are told what to think, when to say what you're supposed to think, and you have no opinions of your own, supposedly ... Having been very verbal all my life and independent - even before it was fashionable - I found it soooh difficult to keep my mouth shut."

1983;Appears with former husband Richard Burton in a stage production of Private Lives.

1983:Checks herself into the Betty Ford Clinic to overcome her alcohol and painkiller addiction. She is the first actor to do so publicly.

1985:Close friend Rock Hudson dies of AIDS. Taylor helps launch the American Foundaton for AIDS Research (AmFAR).

1987:Releases her first perfume, Passion.

1988:Checks into Betty Ford for a second time. While there, she meets construction worker Larry Fortensky, himself an alcoholic.

1991:Releases the perfume, White Diamonds.

Oct. 6, 1991:Marries Larry Fortensky at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

1992:Receives the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

1993:Creates the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation for AIDS.

1993:Receives the AFI Life Achievement Award.

1994:Makes a cameo appearance as Fred's mother-in-law in the film,The Flintstones .

1995:Sherilyn Fenn portrays her in a miniseries about her life, Liz:The Elizabeth Taylor Story, airs on NBC. Taylor had unsuccessfully tried to block it from being made.

1995:Releases several perfumes: Diamonds and Rubies, Diamonds and Emeralds, Diamonds and Sapphires, and Black Pearls.

Oct. 31, 1996:Divorces Larry Fortensky.

Feb. 1997:Enters the hospital to have a benign brain tumor removed.

1997:Tells Life magazine: "I get ill because I live too hard, I give too much — out of a lust for life. I never back away. I relish life and face it dead-on."

Dec. 31, 1999:Queen Elizabeth II names Taylor a Dame of the British Empire at the Millenium New Year's Honours List.

2001:Causes tongues to wag when she appears disoriented when she presents at the Golden Globe Awards .

2001:Stars in the tv movie, These Old Broads, with former rival and now-friend Debbie Reynolds and Shirley MacLaine. The script was written by Carrie Fisher, daughter of Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.

2002:Receives the John F. Kennedy Center Honors.

Sept. 30, 2002:Publishes a book,My Love Affair With Jewlery.

Nov. 2004 Taylor announces that she has congestive heart failure.

2005:Taylor expresses public support for her friend Michael Jackson during his trial in California on child molestation charges.

June 2005:Her beloved dog Sugar dies. She had previously said of the dog: "I've never loved a dog like this in my life. It's amazing. Sometimes I think there's a person in there. There's something to say for this kind of love - it's unconditional."

Sept. 2005:She purchases a descendant of Sugar and names it Daisy.

November 10, 2005:Taylor receives the Britannia Award for Artistic Excellence in International Entertainment.

2007:Inducted into California Hall of Fame

She dies of congestive heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles on March 23rd, 2011.


The landmark auctions of The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie’s New York from December 3-17 realizes a combined total of over $156M with every single item sold. The sale draws unprecedented interest from bidders throughout the world, and the total far exceeded Christie’s pre-sale expectations for the sale as a whole and for individual items. This historic sale sets a world record for the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history, and set a new bar for the most valuable collection of fashion ever offered at auction. A portion of the profits generated by sales of exhibition tickets, event sponsorships and the ongoing sales of select publications are donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF).


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Elizabeth Taylor was a woman who met many men. She married most of the men she had met. She was very independent and open minded. She starred in over 50 movies. She was stoic when it came to others feelings. She is a role model by representing that you can be whoever you want to be without doing stupid things. She lived for 93 years and she will always be remembered greatly. Elizabeth taylor was important because she provided enterntainment for the people long ago.

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