Silence Dogood


Benjamin Franklin aka Silence Dogood, was a gifted writer that used pseudonym, or false names for most of his writing. "When Franklin used a pseudonym, he often created an entire persona for the "writer." Sometimes he wrote as a woman, other times as a man, but always with a specific point of view. While all of his writings were focused and logical, many were also humorous, filled with wit and irony." "Mrs. Silence Dogood was a pen name used by Benjamin Franklin to get his work published in the New England Courant,  because he knew his brother wouldn't publish any of his papers. This was after Benjamin Franklin was denied several times when he tried to publish letters under his own name in the Courant. The fifteen Mrs. Silence Dogood letters were first printed in 1722."

       The first few letters Ben wrote was about Silences background story, giving all false information about where Silence was born, her parents, her childhood and friends. The second letter was all about her life present day. Her current job, new exciting events that have recently happened and especially who she fancies. The next letter was about how people can "do good", and about how they can contribute to society. The fourth letter is about higher education, and her thoughts on/about it. The fifth letter is about the rights of women, and how she feel that she and others are treated wrongly without full respect. The sixth letter is how Silence feels about pride in what you wear and how you wear it. In the seventh, Silence grieves about the death of her friend and talks about some family/husband issues. The eighth and ninth letter is about freedom of speech and religious hypocrisy, respectively. The tenth and eleventh is about a friendly society for the relief of poor widows and "a project for the relief of spinsters". Twelve talks about the "vice" of drunkenness. And finally the thirteenth and fourteenth are about her time in the moon-light evenings in Boston and her thoughts about religion and the clergy.

           Ben Franklin wrote many letters to his brothers newspaper company pretending to be a gentle woman named Silence... knowing his brother would never publish letters written by Ben himself.


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