Taylor Rosati S&E Marketing Fina

Find and evaluate a movie poster (must include a picture of the poster)

Draws Attention: There is a large image on the cover which makes it noticeable and bold. The color of the text draws my attention because the words are only black, and red, but then the picture of Hilary Duff is all colored, which makes it different from different from the text.

Give some idea what the move is about: It does a little bit, when it says "The only risk in taking an adventure is not taking it at all." That means that this movie must be somewhat adventurous, and since the big picture is holding a suitcase it shows that she will be traveling somewhere.

Make people want to see the movie: It grabbed my attention because like I said before the way that the big picture is the only thing that is fully covered makes it somewhat interesting as to why her picture is the only thing colored. So it grabs the attention by the color.

Music Essay

To promote an artist, you have to work hard at it. In order to be successful you need to work hard. Lets take Katy Perry for example, she is promoting her own tour by tweeting from her personal twitter. Using social networks to promote music is one of the many great ways to get your music and yourself known. In order to even get music recognized in the first place is making sure you have loyal fans. Once you get fans they're the ones who make you career even realistic. I think a new way to market strategy would be how people get the artists music. People these days can download music illegally and free easier than ever. I think a new way to get music is from itunes or another way to buy music, once you buy the music and you buy enough of the music from a certain site, you would be putting into some sort of drawing to win free concert tickets to whom ever music you bought most of.

If you ran your own amusement or theme park, what additional value would you offer that would encourage people to either stay longer or spend more money? Explain in detail.

If I ran my own amusement park, I would offer different types of loyalty programs to people. Lets say that there was a family who wanted to come to my amusement park at least once a weekend all year around, but they couldn't afford it. For loyal customers I would give families of at least four family members a two for four, so if they came at least one every weekend even throughout the colder months, they really would only have to pay for two tickets instead of having to pay for all four. If you were just a single customer only paying for one ticket every time, but you wanted to come a couple times a week, four days out of the week at most. You would start to realize that it gets pretty expensive. So if you were going to come at least four days a week, you would want to buy a season pass that was only good for people who came that mine times in one week. I would make a majority of my rides able to run in the winter time. I would have some of them outside and the rest of the rides in a indoor park.

What do you think are the most important things for artists to remember if they are going to try to build their musical careers without the help of a label, even an independent one?

Some of the most important things I think artists need to remember if they are doing things are there own is that they need to make sure there goals are realistic. No help from a major record label can get you in trouble along the way. Without help from them, you really have no big connections and it's hard to get your music recognized right away. If you are signing with an independent label, you are more likely to get a way better contract. With not having a label at all you don't even have a contract and you get to fully pick how you and your band does things. Also how you will make your own money. With a fully on record label they basically decide everything for you and you really don't have a say in any of it. Along with signing with an independent label you have more of a say and you can tell them what you want your band to do and where you want to end up, and they try and do their best to fulfill your wants.

Find and evaluate a movie trailer (must find on YouTube and embed it into your tackk board or include a link to it in your google doc)

Tease the plot line: I rate it a five because I know exactly what the movie is about. There is someone on the plane planning to kill people every 20 seconds. It made it very clear what the movie is about, and that really helps and makes the movie look very interesting.

Part of the climax is shown: I'm not 100% sure if the climax was clearly shown, the whole movie looks very climatic so it was hard to exactly pinpoint the whole climax scene.

Clips that give the general feel of the movie: I rate it a high five. You can tell that the movie is very adventurous/intense. Every scene there seems to be something important and crazy happening. It looks like a movie that would reel you in and it would make you want to watch the movie and see what ends up happening.

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