By: Shalimar creech

Positive Family Structures

A Healthy Family,

Are providing food, clothing, and a place to live.

Create a loving and welcoming environment.  Encourage independence in everything and everything.Teach values and life skill.  Give friendship, guidance, and support.  Not every family is the same most are different, like the way they eat dinner maybe at the table maybe in the living room. Maybe some are christian or maybe they don't believe in god at all.  The point is every family has their own since of style of living.  But always remember its always good to have a healthy family so that your not hurt and so that someone in your family aren't upset either.


Please pick from the following Family types that seems to go best with the sentence.


Nuclear Family

Includes two parents and one or more children. So maybe your mom and dad and you and maybe your brother/sister.


Single-parent Family

One parent and one or more children.So Your mom/dad and you or maybe a sibling.


Blended Family

Formed when two people marry and at least one person has a child or children from a previous marriage. So maybe your mom gets remarried and now you have a new dad.


Adoptive Family

A family with a child or children who are made a permanent part of the family through legal actions. So maybe your parents can't take care of you so then another family wants a child and they choose you so then they become your new parents/guardians.


Foster Family

A family that temporarily takes care of a child or children. Maybe you're in a foster home, so then the owner or mother/father of your house is your foster parent.


Legal Guardian

A person who has financial and legal duties to care for a child or children.


Extended Family

One or two parents and children as well as other relatives, such as grandparents or aunts and uncles. So like when you, your mom, your brother, and maybe your grandma all live together.

  1. Ally calls Mr. and Mrs. Collwell mom and dad but when she was 7 her parents died in a car accident. (Adoptive Family)
  2. Jason and Sherry have 3 biological children; 1 girl, 2 boys. (Nuclear Family)
  3. Yesterday my friend Sally came over and said I had a lot of people living in my house. My mom, my two brothers, my grandma, my grandpa and I all live together, but that’s how it’s always been.(Extended Family)
  4. Jake’s parents were drug addicts, so he is living with a temporary family.( Foster Family)
  5. My principal had my mom come in about some vaccinations I need to get.(Legal Guardian)
  6. Zoey’s dad and Tom’s mom got married. Now all four of them live together in a house on Waverly.(Blended Family)
  7. My dad left two years ago so now its just my mom, my four siblings and me. (Single-parent Family)
  • Your Roles and Responsibilities,
  • You have many roles at home.  You might be a son or a daughter or a brother or sister.  You could be a student or a friend or maybe a mom or dad.  So each one of you have your own role like maybe some of you have chores inside while the others have some outside.  Maybe your chore is to be a mother or father so that your kids have a good life and are at least healthy. Or maybe you have to clean your room and the house, you never know but everyone should do a little everyday so it won't be as bad next time you do it.
  • Directions:

Go to this website and watch this video,then when you’re done answer the following questions.

Step To Positive Family Communication

What do you think she means in the video?

That it important to have a healthy family relationship.

Do you think positive family relationships are important?

Yes, because if you don’t you could separate and barely even know your own family.

Do you think your family has a positive family relationship according to the standards on the video?

Not really because honestly all we do is fight and I just try and not pay any attention to them so i barely even talk to them.

Do you think that what she says is true or do you see a positive family relationship a different way?

I think everyone has a different way t o get along with each other especially when you’re all in the same house.

Is a positive family relationship healthy or just better in life?

Healthy because sometimes if you’re having a rough time at home it can push you into doing something else.


Find the definitions of these following words.

  1. Environment-The surrounding or conditions in which a person, anial, or plant lives or operates.
  2. Heredity-The passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another.
  3. Culture-The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regard collectively.
  4. Tradition-The transmission of customs or belief from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.
  5. sibling-Each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common, a brother or sister.
  6. Responsible-Having an obligation to do something,or having control over or care for someone, as part of one’s job or role.
  7. Divorce-The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. Legally dissolve one’s marriage with someone.
  8. Roles-The function assumed or part played by a person or thing in a particular situation.

Getting Along With Others,

Consideration;  Think about other people and their feelings.  Treat people they same way you would like to be treated.  Sound familiar?  Well it should, it's this little thing called the Golden Rule.  Cooperation;  When you cooperate, you work with others to  achieve a common goal.  It means doing what is asked of you, and doing what needs to be done to finish a task or a project.  So try and see life from the other person's point of view cause maybe they see it a lot differently than you.


Watch this video then tell me how you think the daughters made their mothers feel and how they should have done it.Now or Never (2011) - A Short Film About Family Relationships

I believe that the first daughters should have spent time with her or asked her mother what was wrong and if she was okay.  Now the second daughter should have asked to then the mother should have told her about how she said the exact same thing to her mom and then never spent time with her and then it was too late.

But, the mothers should have spent more time with them.  Maybe the daughters thought they really didn’t care so they just grew apart and ended up getting a life and the mothers weren’t really apart of their life.

Reliability;  Do you do what you say you'll do?  People like to know they can depend on you.  Prove to them that you will keep your word.  When you are reliable, people will trust you to do what is expected of you. When you're reliable, people will trust you and maybe let you go more places. You can be reliable by telling the truth, maybe someone's money fell out of their pocket you could give it to them and tell them what happened.  Maybe if someone is bulling another kid and a teacher/principal asks if anyone else saw what happened you could raise your hand and not care if they call you a snitch, because your help another person out and told the truth.

Respect;  Think about someone you admire.  It may be a friend, a family member, a teacher, a community leader, maybe a coach.  How would you treat them? If you have respect for someone,it shows in your behavior.  You are kind, you listen to opinions, and you consider the thoughts and feelings of others. You're always helping and maybe sometimes you volunteer to do something for them so they can take a break. You say "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" to grown-ups.


Explain what you think the following words mean.

  1. Respect- Think about someone you admire. It may be a friend, a family member, a teacher, a community leader, maybe a coach.  How would you treat them? If you have respect for someone, it shows in your behavior.  You are kind, you listen to opinions, and you consider the thoughts and feelings of others.
  2. Cooperation- When you cooperate, you work with others to achieve a common goal.  It means doing what is asked of you, and doing what needs to be done to finish a task or a project.
  3. Consideration- Think about other people and their feelings.  Treat people the same way you would want to be treated.  Sound familiar? Well, it should cause its the Golden Rule.

Now tell me why they are important in life.

Sharing Space,

Be Considerate Of Others;  Show your consideration by not leaving your belongings in someone else's way.  When you finish using the kitchen or bathroom, be sure to clean up after yourself.  Maybe you're staying the night at a friend's house and they have to clean up the house while you're there because they didn't do it before you got there, so maybe you can help them out so it can get done faster and then you have more time to hang out.

Cooperate With Family Members;  Is there a "morning rush hour" at your house?  This can happen when several family members try to get ready for work or school at the same time.  The morning will go more smoothly if everyone agrees on a schedule.  Maybe everyone is going somewhere on Friday and you made plans to go to someone's house after school and are having one of them take you there.  You should make sure you make plans in advance maybe say 2 day ahead of time so if plans change they have time to alter the schedule.

Show That You Are Reliable;  As a member of a family, you are expected to participate in the activities that keep a household running smoothly. Family members need to rely on each other to do their share of the work, such as washing dishes, caring for pets, and remembering to turn out the lights.  Everyone in the house should do a little work so that that its easier on everyone in the house.  You should all help each other so that all your family members know that they can rely on you to do whats expected instead of having to always tell you to do something.

Respect Other People's Privacy;  If someone's door is closed, knock and wait door a response before entering.  Now if they don't respond don't just walk into their room, knock again and if they don't answer ask someone in your house if they're home or just wait until you see them.  Keep your music or television turned low, or use headphones at a safe volume if another person wants to sleep or study.  So if you and your friends are blaring music and someone asks if you could turn it down say yes and ask if the volume is good now.  Never read another person's mail or look through someone else's belongings without their permission.  Because maybe that person has some personal stuff in there that they don't want you to see.  Say you friend has a journal/diary and they go down stairs for a second and you see it and you have a feeling that makes you want to read it, don't just don't, because maybe they don't want anyone to see what they have in there.  Maybe they're going through something that they want to tell you about later.  So just respect someone's privacy.

We need these tips so that if you ever have to do something like this you will know what to do.  Sometimes if you just don't pay attention to these tips there could be a lot of fights and maybe you can end up having a family member have a grudge on you for a while. These tips will help you to understand that if like you parents want you to pick up your stuff out of the walk, that you should just do it so that you family can go without a fight and maybe from somebody getting hurt.

Family Change:

  • Divorce;  Divorce is the legal end to a marriage.  When people decide to split from marriage.  So say your mom and dad just don't love each other like they use to, then they will get divorced to were they can see other people and or get married to another person.
  • Remarriage;  Sometimes when parents get divorced they meet new people.  After a while they might get married to the person, this is what you call a " remarriage".  When two people get divorce and one or both of those people get married to another person that they have fallen in love with.
  • Job Loss;  When someone loses a job then they start losing money. Things become harder so then money gets tight around the house. When someone in the family looses a job and so they don't get paid by their job anymore and get tight on money.
  • Disabilities;  Disabilities are a permanent or temporary physical, mental, or emotional condition.  A disability is most often beyond a person's control, but does not have to limit what they can achieve in life.
  • Serious Illness;  When a family member is seriously ill, it can be very stressful for the whole family.  Perhaps your brother or sister has cancer, or your mother has diabetes, or your father has heart disease. Constant trips to the doctor, reactions to medication, and dealing with constant pain are common.
  • Death;  One of the most difficult changes for a family to deal with is the death of a family member.  People can find it almost impossible to except that a part of the family is gone.  They sometimes feel guilty about what they did not say or do when the person was alive.  These reactions are normal.  Everyone in the family can support and comfort one another.  Some families seek professional counseling to help them deal with the loss of a family member.

Adjusting To Change,

Plan Ahead;  Id you know about a change in advance or ahead of time, prepare for it even if you do not want it to happen.  Talk;  Discuss your feelings with someone.  Your family and friends can be a great  source of strength and encouragement.  Teachers, counselors, coaches, religious leaders, and family service workers can also help you understand and handle the change.  Be Supportive;  When your family faces changes you can help just by being there.  If your brother is nervous about a new job , point out his strengths to boost him up.  Look for The Positive; Remember that changes are a normal part of life.  How you deal with changes can help you grow.  It does not help to dwell on what is wrong or different.  What can you learn from the experience?  Every change  brings a new experience that can help you prepare for future for future changes.

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