Unexpected heaven next to Harbin ice wonderland

Now when you come to the city, the Harbin ice wonderland Duck must be the first recommended cuisine by the local tour guide. China Tours has the experience and know-how to offer travelers unique and rewarding Harbin tour packages.Even when not in the peak tourism season, it still attracts flocks of visitors, mainly painters who are in love with poetry-inspiring beauty.Like a rainbow after the rain, Harbin ice wonderland has good scenery. It is so pretty like a spring peach, China is a good place.

They comprise the largest area of ice outside the polar regions, and nearly a sixth of the world's total. There were a couple of visits to places such as souvenir shops in Harbin.Escorted vacations combine the essentials of sightseeing with the convenience of pre-arranged hotel accommodations and motorcoach transportation.It is one of the most famous and historic places in the city and reflects many of the features of China.

The service we received from Harbin ice festival 2015 was first class and outstanding value for money. I am happy to share the joys and hardships with friends, I am willing to tell the story about my travel.Although there are some wonderful recreational places for tourists to visit in Harbin City, the nightlife there is not as glamorous and fascinating as the metropolis of Shanghai and Beijing, etc.Moreover, Huachong Showplace has additional leisure activities such as Roller-skating hall, billiards hall, chess & card room and rock-climbing wall.

The first economic zone of China, Shenzhen attracts not only various businesses but alsotourists from all over the world. Splendid China displays the most of the famous replicasites of the nation.Each section of this city has its own geographic and construction features. Everywhere is filling the green, is also fluttering including the air green grass taste all around green and glossy. The twelve day tour that your group put together was absolutely great. I love your country and have a whole new appreciation for the Chinese people.

Our bespoke service is convenient way to design your trip in China.The city landmark is an attractive statue, the idea of a shrine to the culture and arts of Harbin ice and snow world festival 2015. It is indeed A Paradise on Earth.When you come here, you will love this fantastic lake from your heart.

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