A) We experimented mathematically when we had to create our own problems and equations for the designs. We felt like teachers creating our own problems. For each of the designs, it was easily prepared due to our daily practice from our homework.

B) while we were completing this assignment we learned that each design had to different. Our design needed to symmetrically be in harmony to create an overall different design for others. From beginning to the end, our designs had include all three symmetries. To create a design with all the symmetries, we included two lemniscate, rose, and a circle. We learned that the design and the equations had to match up; with one mistake, we could've made a different design or equation. These were the detailed information we learned through the process of this project.

C) Both of us enjoyed the process of this partner project because of our harmony. We had to use teamwork to finish this project. Ms Deister gave us the opportunity to work with other friends. Through this project, we each got more practice by creating three different designs and equations. Personally, we each appreciated this project because this could increase our grade.

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