Climate Change Activists trying to "Flood" Wall Street on Monday

September 21st, 2014

Summary -

Hundreds of activists will protest Monday on Wall st against the large role investors play in climate change. While no specific companies are being targeted, the movement is aimed at polluting companies or those profiting from the fossil fuel industry. Large companies are being rewarded with profit for causing pollution, and the climate crisis caused by this is being ignored by the government. Although the White House has recognized climate change is real, they have not made any large movement towards stopping it. The UN will be meeting on Tuesday and protestors hope the meeting will initiate more action on climate change at a summit next year.

Related American Ideals-

This Article is related to Democracy and Rights.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed," says the Declaration of Independence. This line has always represented  the democracy of the United sates. In relation to this line in the Declaration, the activists/protestors or "the governed" do not believe the actions that the government is taking is just. The government should be doing a lot more to help climate change, especially because they have recognized it and continue to make no progress. It is the peoples right to protest against what they do not believe to be fair. Is it fair for big business to only gain profit for destroying the planet? or Is it fair that activists can disrupt or hurt business's that industries have worked hard to create? This story also links to rights because activists are using their right to protes create change. In addition, the industries are also exercising their rights of freedom to claim they can do as they please with their business's.   

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