11/11/2014   #SJSreports
The Republicans Take Over

By Claire

A polling place for the 2014 midterm elections.

Last Tuesday, November 4, was the day that millions of Americans went to their local polling places to vote in the mid-term elections. There were a few different things that citizens were voting on. They voted for governors, U.S. senators and representatives, state senators and representatives, and more state- and city-level positions. Voters awaited the results on Wednesday morning, and when some final results came in, many were surprised to see the large number of Republicans elected. Twenty-four states elected a Republican governor, while only ten elected a Democratic governor (as of November 10). The rest of the states either did not have an election this year or do not yet have final results. The U.S. House of Representatives has 244 Republican representatives and only 184 Democrats. The Senate has less extreme differences, with 52  Republicans and 44 Democrats (as of November 10). Because of this election, the GOP now has a large influence on the national and state governments. Republicans hold the large majority of positions in Congress, and many of the state executive leaders are Republicans. The result of the people's voting shows that many were leaning toward the Republican candidates, and this could give us a preview of what is to come in the 2016 presidential election.

Source: ap.org

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State Governors

The map below shows which states have elected Republican governors and which states have elected Democratic governors. The red shows Republican, and the blue shows Democrat. The green shows Independents, and the striped states are states that did not have elections this year. (Source: AP)

More Information

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Picture This

Obama spoke about the election results last Wednesday, and he gave his opinion on what our country needs to do next.
Bruce Rauner, the candidate elected governor in Illinois, celebrates his win.
One of many campaign ads that citizens all over the country have seen or heard throughout the past months.
A political cartoon showing the new power that Republicans have in the U.S. government.