Korean war

June 25th 1950 to july 1953

North korea, soviet union, people republic of china, south korea, u.s, great britain, united nation

First major conflict of the cold war, south korea and communist north korea, soviet union supported north korea and the u.s supported south korea. North korea forms a communist government with kim II sung as leader and south korea forming capitalist government under the rule of syngman rhee.

North korea invaded south korea, the south korea government only occupied a small part of korea on the south tip.

Athough korea was not strategic to u.s. They entered the war because they did not want to appear soft on communism they also wanted to protect japan which they did consider strapegic. The tv show mash was set during the korean war. The situation today in korea is similar to what it was 50 years ago after the war. Little had changed.

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