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Mobile Learning

I have created this Tackk board to highlight 5 mobile apps (used on the Iphone or Ipad) that I think can be very successful and fun for students when used in the classroom.

Starfall ABC's

WHAT IS IT? Starfall ABC's is a mobile app that allows students to see, hear, and interact with letters and sounds in words and sentences and also allows them to play games.

HOW COULD IT BE USED? - It can be used to teach grade K-1 students their ABC's and how to put sentences together. As a teacher, I would personally use it as an assistive tool, where I would physically teach my lesson, and then allow the students to go through the app and play games.

Solar System for Ipad

WHAT IS IT? A mobile app that contains 58 pages filled with images, videos, and other interactive simulations for the solar system.

HOW CAN IT BE USED? - It can be used to allow students to experience the solar system in a hands-on way. While teaching students about the solar system, they can follow along with what you are saying and view images and explore.

Math Bingo

WHAT IS IT? A mobile app that turns addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division into a fun educational game for kids. Students get answers correct to fill in their Bingo.

HOW IS IT USED? - It can be used for students to either practise or review their basic math skills. They can practise addition, subtraction, mulitplication, and division in a fun, rewarding way.

Spelling City

WHAT IS IT? - A mobile app that contains eight free spelling and vocab activities. Among these activities are Unscramble, Spelling TestMe, HangMouse, SpellingTeachMe, and MissingLetter.

HOW CAN IT BE USED? - It is used to build vocabulary, writing, and spelling skills in grades 2 all the way up to 12. It's fun, it's colorful, and it is the prime example of interactive learning.

Barefoot World Atlas

WHAT IS IT? - A mobile app that is basically an interactive 3D Globe. Its an exploration app.

HOW IS IT USED? - Its used to allow children to explore the globe, not only geographically, but also explore the wonders and monuments around the world. It allows for students to visualize where things are and allows for self-learning if they want to explore further on their own.

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