Need Help With Your College Applications?  Your Local College Organizer to the Rescue!

The college process can be daunting.

Keeping track of application deadlines, requirements, scholarship information and other details involved in applying to college can be overwhelming if you are not prepared and organized.  

I can help organize this process, talk with your student to find out their college goals and aspirations, and get the application process started.  

Consultant services

Initial Consultaion -$50       Overview of Application Process and What to Expect

Create a Resume - $75       Consult with Student and Develop a Resume for the College Applicaiton

Create Your College Book  - $300      Collect Complete Information for 5-10 College choices  (includes application deadline and requirements, supplement information, essays, standarized test requirements, financial aid deadlines, tuition and fee information, students own personal profile)

Hourly Consulting Fee - $35   One-on-One conultation and guide through the entire Application Process; assist student in completed application and monitoring application after submission

Contact Info

Elaine Rudd Garrigo  (305) 632-9884                                  

Get Organized

Don't wait until your senior year to get organized. I can help you  prepare a plan for your future college choices. Selecting the academic track to follow and choosing the correct extra-curricular activities can  make you a strong candidate for the school of your dreams.

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