Sports with Bruce Ogden, a Colorado Resident

Bruce Ogden of Colorado is a professional that truly loves sports. Being from Colorado there are a number of local sports teams that are in the professional ranks that most people are fans of. First of all there are the Denver Broncos, which are one of the most dominant franchises throughout the state. Most people are fans of this football team that plays in the National Football League AFC conference. There also the Colorado Rockies who are the Major League Baseball team that calls Denver’s Coors Field home. This team has had a number of successful seasons and opening day is a big event around the whole town as well as the state. The Denver Nuggets play in the National Basketball Association, and they play their home games at the Pepsi Center. This team also has a number of great seasons in their history. Another popular team is the Colorado Avalanche, which is a professional ice hockey team that has legions of dedicated fans. The state is also graced by a couple of major universities that have fielded great teams in a variety of sports. Both Colorado State University and the University of Colorado are known for their excellent sports programs and also have droves of fans in their midst. A little further south down in Colorado Springs is the Air Force Academy, which also has a number of successful teams in their history in a variety of sports. Ogden is proud at the variety of sports that the state has to offer at a number of levels.

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