Civil War Journal

By: Kyle Chong

Journal Entry 1:

My beloved parents-

Today was the first battle of Gettysburg and it was very devastating and one bloody battle. Today me and my cousin David fought in that battle, and with the new weapons that were just made, t'was probably one of the bloodiest battles in American history. At least I think. I am writing to say that David and I are alive and still fighting. We are losing now, but we have a plan to win the next. We are going to attack them at dawn, wish us luck that we win the next battle and don't die. We are safe for now and if I live the next battle, I shall write to you again. Until then fair well.


Major Jayden Lundqvist

Journal Entry 2:

Mary Virginia Anne: Where did the pepperbox shoot you?

Major Jayden Lundqvist: I was shot in my left arm by a hailfire of hornets in the battle of Bull Run by dem’ nasty greycoats!

Thomas Davidson: Uh oh, it looks like you’ve been played out.

Mary Virginia Anne: I’m going to have to wallpaper you, so I can saw your arm off.

Major Jayden Lundqvist: I was just toeing the mark and it was a pretty hard case game, but I lost.

Thomas Davidson: This looks like a hard case, do your best sawbones.

Mary Virginia Anne: Give me the joy juice.

Thomas Davidson: Here ya go.

Mary Virginia Anne: As soon as I cut off your arm, you’ll be as fit as a fiddle!

Major Jayden Lundqvist: (Scared) Ugh

Mary Virginia Anne: This will be the best for you, but you might be a little hard knocked for a while.

Major Jayden Lundqvist: I would agree so…

(Major Jayden Lundqvist's arm is now cut off)

Journal Entry 3:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am in Virginia now and we are expecting a battle to happen soon. I hope that everything is OK and that I don't die. But in case I don't come back, I want to travel the tale of how camp is like. Camp is for the strong, the weak would never survive. Every day we have drills, from sunrise to sunset. It is very tiring and I do not like it along with some of my fellow soldiers. Some have complained and didn't even show up for the drills and warm-ups. So they get punished real bad. I was lucky not to go along side them. The only reason for that was because my gut said not to and that it would leave to a bad outcome, and well it did. I know that they only mean the best for us, and that is why I am going with it. Some of the things that they make us do for drills is they make us run, march in formation up and down hills, bayonet practice and rifle drills. It is very tiring to do this everyday, 365 a year. Right after drills we have to do chores. You might say that that should be easy for me because you made me do those as a kid. But no it is not the same because they are a lot harder and takes a lot more "elbow grease" to do these. Some of the chores that we all have to do are building a fort around the entire city of Washington. or making roads all around camp for our convenience, and also we have to make sure that we keep our camp nice and clean. As I said before of how people do not listen, they do get punished, severely. One of the punishments is that you are put into a horrible position and have to stay like that for a long time. Another is that you have to carry a log around all day. I heard that is very tiring. I know that I am not breaking the rules any time soon.

-Major Jayden Lundqvist

Soldiers Playing Cards

Sunrise at Camp

Journal Entry 4:

Jeremiah Interview Questions

1. Jeremiah, when you chose to join the Confederate Army, what caused you to make that choice? What caused me to make this choice is I am not a very good farmer and I could not leave the farm unattended, and I was told by my mother to go as well and I had no choice.

2. Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about? I am proud of the fact that I fought strongly and that I am here, living and that I am not dead. I am greatful for just about anything left in my life at the moment.

3. Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life that you wish had been different?                  I would have  had my mom be healthier and my brother not go to war, because it was a bad change in my life and I lost them both. I wish that I would've known better and have been smarter about my choices.

4. Jeremiah, do you think your brother is dead?

Yes, sadly I believe I have lost my long beloved brother and I mourn him so. I am hurt by his death, and know that I am the only one left. But I am acting strong about it and I know that it is a thing of the past, and that the future holds a lot for me. I know that if I am not dead, then I god has a reason for me to still be here.

Journal Entry 6:

Civil War Music

Home Sweet Home

A day passes, and a day comes,

It feels like it goes on forever, this war,

But we all know that it will come to an end,

It may take days,

It may take weeks,

It will probably take years,

But we will all look forward to the day that it ends.


Our home sweet home,

The beautiful little place,

Where our family is,

Our friends,

And Pets are too,

The wonderful little place,

Where we can’t wait to go,

Home home home,

The nice little place to be.


The flag goes up,

The men go forward,

The music rises up,

March march march march,

We are on our way to victory,

So that we can go home,

Home home home,

The nice little place to be.


Home is the place,

Where warmth is spread,

And love is within the air,

With our wonderful children,

Our lovely wives,

And our amazing friends,

Home home home,

The nice little place to be.


A day passes, and a day comes,

It feels like it goes on forever, this war,

But we all know that it will come to an end,

It may take days,

It may take weeks,

It will probably take years,

But we will all look forward to the day it ends.


A Civil War Battle Picture

Journal Entry 7:

Dear David Lundqvist-

I have seen many sicknesses here at the hospital today and some of them include pneumonia, stomach problems, colds, the flu, gunshot injuries and more.  To treat pneumonia they usually applied burning alcohol to the patients chest or applied hot bricks to the patients feet. They also compressed their stomachs to help stop stomach problems. That is only two ways to stop a sickness of some sort. There are some ways, but not many because we don't have much knowledge on how to cure people so many are dying as you read.

Journal Entry 5:

Dear David Lundqvist-

At camp, it is very boring and they are super stupid to not let us gamble on games. So we had to be creative and create our own games to gamble on. You might say that I should listen to my commander but today we are all outliers and are all against the rules. Today I bet on a rooster battle and I won. My favorite food here is the hardtack that they give out. Even though that they might have bugs and dead leaves and such, it tastes good when you are starving. The recipe for hardtack is:

  • 2 cups flour
  • ½ to ¾ cup water
  • Salt (5-6 pinches)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Fork

Hope to see you soon-

Major Jayden Lundqvist

Journal Entry 8:

Dear Journal,

I got home today and, well, it was different to me than before. The war has raged on so long that my family looks completely different and older since the last time I have seen them. It was nice to rest and be able to sleep for as long as I did. It's probably the best amount of sleep that I've had since I joined the army. When I finally got home, I was able to eat, what I thought was our whole supply of food. Best I've had since the beginning of the war as well.  Everything is getting back to normal now and I am glad of that. I just always want to remember the looks on everyone's faces when the soldiers and I came back to the town. It was so nice to see all of the happy faces that showed their gratitude for our hard work and all of the effort that we put in to win the war. It was such a nice sight, and I shall remember that forever.

-Major Jayden Lundqvist


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