I Was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #1

Today is a very BIG day!

Everything I have work so hard for is becoming a reality. The hard work, dedication and commitment to bringing The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym to mainstream is just hours away.

I want to thank my entire followers on @twitter for all the retweets. Your support, encouragement and feedback have been overwhelming. Because of you believing in me, lending me you ear; words cannot express my level of gratitude and appreciation. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

To my @facebook , @LinkedIn, @tumblr, @Tackk for the amazing platform, @foursquare, @Yelp, @ReferralKey, @RebelMouse , @instagram, @google, @theneeds, @Vistaprint, @indiegogo and the host of others I didn’t mention, but will never forget. Your creative and innovative work, which keeps me connected to potential clients and customers. Your tutorials and training videos have removed all barriers and inspired me to learn more about social media and its impact on the world. I wish you all continued success and my sincerest thanks for allowing me to share my message through you.

To my family and friends I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Turning my attention; focus in the direction of becoming an entrepreneur has been so rewarding. I look forward to lending my skills, talent and knowledge to aid the working poor and middle class in finding long term solutions related to financial, employment, education and legal (FEEL) matter which are preventing so many from achieving and securing stability in such trying times.

Please, if you haven’t viewed my @indiegogo fundraising campaign, take a moment out and get to know The FEEL Center Project & Financial Fitness Gym. Should you feel the need to contribute, please do? My goal of $40,000 is still ongoing. Your support and contribution is more than welcomed.

I don’t want to let the jack out of the box just yet! I will have more information as to this BIG day once I have finalized the deal.

Have a blessed day everyone! Stay safe!