Machine Guns

By: Maria Gabrielsen, Noelle Sunderland, Bo Sensenbrenner, Dewar Prom

Machine Guns had an important role in World War 1. The original design of the machine gun would fire up to 600 rounds per minute! This figure would double by the world's end, with rounds fed by a metal strip or fabric belt. The machine guns played a huge role in World War 1.

Hiram Maxim invented the machine gun in 1884. As the machine guns developed, they were adapted for use on tanks. Germans had the most machine guns, and the French and the British had the least. The Somme Offensive had use of the machine guns, and they were used to protect the defensive unit.

The Germans produced a version of machine guns. At first Germans produced 12,000, but eventually produced 100,000. They quickly realized the potential of the machine gun on the battlefield. They demonstrated the value of the machine gun by creating machine gun companies to support infantry armies in battle.

There were many designs of the machine gun. The Light Lewis Machine Gun was one of the many machine guns that they used. Each country developed their own kind of machine gun.

As a result of this technology, at least 60,000 died in World War 1

Overall, the machine gun played an important role in World War 1.

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