Mustela Nigripes

(Black footed Ferret)

The black footed ferret a small endangered specious with only about 8 or more in its population.It is knownas the smallest species to be alive of its kind.

This species lives in the prairie biome in north america. It is extinct in canada, but it was  recently introduced in mexico, and the U.S. but used as a pet so they would be in a zoo.

The animal has only a variety of predators, they are mice and other rodents, are there survival is always the prairie dog it helps them a lot to feed on and survival.nothing could eat it because of how small of a specious it is.

The specious endangered by the killing of prey and habitat loss so it affectthe food web by how the specious goes by.Natural defense there is really none so it is pretty hard and as people take it and make as a pet it affect.

because of the there is only 18 to be left as this specious the BRT has now made it classified as for how many can soon come to live, it is endangered the on the north america side they have some lives of this specious that don't have food and thats how they go.