The Mother Of Chimps

                                           JANE GOODALL

    Jane Goodall was born on April 3,1934 in London England. She was born to Mortimer Herbert Goodall and Margret Myfawe Joseph. Jane had one sister, Judy. Jane studied at Uplands private school. She recived her certificate in 1950 and recived a higher certifacate in 1952. When she was 18 she left school and found a job as a secratary at Oxford Universery. Jane has been the Director of research at Gombe since 1967 and still continues to promote conservation, she also created the Chimpanzee Guardian Project. Jane has set up several homes for injured and orphaned chimps. She advocates the  treatment of Chimpanzees in research and zoos and teaches the humane way to study chimps in a labratory setting. She own several awards like the Albert Schweitzer Award awarded in 1987, the Encyclopedia Britannica Award in 1989, and the Kyoto Prize for Science in 1990.

    Jane Goodall was famous for being a Zooologist and for discovering that chimps can use tools, hunt, and eat meat similar to humans. The thing that put Jane on her path of discovery was a stuffed chimp doll that she receved during her childhood. This doll inspired Jane to get close to nature and chimps. Jane also met famous Anthropologist Louis Leaky who sent Jane to Afica to study chimps. Ever since then Jane has always been close to chimps.She found that it isn’t only human beings who have personality and who are capable of thoughts and emotions like joy and sorrow. She also observed behaviors such as hugs, kisses, pats on the back, and even tickling just like us.

    She created a method called "banana club," which is a feeding method used to gain trust and to obtain a understanding of everyday chimpanzee behavior. Using this method she learned to imitate their behaviors, spent time in  trees, and ate their foods, thus she discovered a number of new behaviors. She also discovered that chimps have their own "language" system containing more than 20 individual sounds. She is credited with making the first recorded observations of chimpanzees eating meat and using and making tools. She also noted that chimpanzees throw stones as weapons, use touch and embraces to comfort one another and also had family bond.

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