South Korea

Becca and Emily 4/23/14 South

*Your neighbor pours your drink.

*Refill your own drink then pass it to the right.

*Always use chopsticks.

*Use chopsticks to eat soup even if its hard.

* Never use your fingers to eat.

*Its not appropriate to hold a bowl of rice up to your lips.  

The things that find me surprising is that you cant eat with your hands you always have to use chopsticks.  Also things that surprise me is that if u do something wrong thats supposed  to be right they think you are disrespecting them and being very rude.  South Korea is very different from United States because in United States you can eat with your fingers in United States but not in South Korea.  Also South Korea has really different rules like our neighbor doesn't pour our drinks for us or eat soup with chopsticks.  If you don't  know their rules they with think you are disrespecting them and being very rude and impolite.  

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