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Program of studies

Transformation Through Time

Investigate the impact of technology on the intentions and productions of the artists.


A.  The adoption of a new medium with effect change in an artist’s work.

B.  Technology has an impact on the artist’s role in modern society

C.  Technology has an affect on materials and imagery used in modern sculpture and painting.

Assignment 1 - Part a

Students will have the option of choosing one or more of these apps to  demonstrate their ability to use alternative technologies as a medium for creating works of art as well as reflecting on how it can affect a change in artistic work. (Please discuss with teacher if you wish to choose a different app or alternative technology)

The focus of this assignment will be to create an original drawing or painting using one of these apps as a medium/media or blended with another form of digital technology (e.g. Photoshop, PaintShop,GIMP, etc...) Students should think about composition in and  display. Since we are using a digital platform it is important to look at different ways that you can display your artwork (e.g. in class, facebook, twitter, deviant art, etc...).

App 1: Adobe Ideas

Vector Drawing and illustration

Draw freeform vector illustrations using Adobe® Ideas. This app can allow students to take a virtual paper and pen to a virtual canvas wherever they are. It is pressure sensitive and comes with a wide range of brushes.

Welcome to Adobe Ideas! This app is ideal for creating paintings or sketches on the go, it is easy to use and best of all it is FREE!!! 

App 2 - ArtStudio

ArtStudio is one of the better known art apps available and like the Adobe Ideas, you create works of art wherever you go (without all the messy cleanup!). This app has a lot more functions and even has a photo editing tool. This is a great all around app that you may want to use for this project and for projects in the future. The downside is that unlike the Adobe Ideas, it is not free and cost about $4.99 in iTunes.

App 3 - ProCreate

ProCreate is one of the hottest new apps for creating art around. It is easy to use and has a wide range of brushes and other artist tools. Unlike some art apps this one has a faster performance that does not hinder accuracy. Great for painting and sketching and having fun. Like the ArtStudio app it does cost about $4.99 in iTunes

App 4 - Adobe photoshop touch

The great thing about Adobe Photoshop Touch is that it is already configured to share on social media devices such as Twitter and Facebook so if you are thinking of creating a project that relies on social media this might be the right app for you. This program features many of the perks of Photoshop including using the selection tool, layers, filters and more. The unique feature that this program provides is that it allows for Creative Cloud storage and the ability to sync between tablet and desktop. One issue is that it is not available for 1st generation iPad. It is also the most expensive app at $9.99 on iTunes store.

App 5 - Sketchbook Pro

App extra - Adobe Color Lava

Sketchbook Pro is often considered a professional-grade painting and drawing tool that comes with an extensive set of sketching and painting utensils. Another great tool to use for creating your painting or drawing it also cost $4.99 at the iTunes store.

Using Photoshop or interested in creating and mixing colours on the computer? then check this app out - learn all about colour mixing and have some fun at the same time!

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