Some Of The Drilling Equipment That You Can Rent Or Lease

Drilling equipment pertains to components and machinery that you can use to drill on a hard surface or wall, whether it is made of soil or manmade materials like concrete. Different kinds of drilling equipment are available for construction, masonry, and oil. It might be expensive to buy your own drilling equipment for a small project, so it makes more sense to rent them from drilling companies.

Here are some of the drilling equipment that you can rent or lease:

•  Drill Rigs

Drill rigs are mechanical structures that can create boreholes or shafts in the ground. Drill rigs are commonly used for exploring sources of petroleum and off-shore extraction, but they are also useful in many purposes including water well drilling, construction, environmental, and mineral exploration purposes.

There are different drilling rig designs for different purposes in land-based portable boring for geothermal, water-well, construction, and environmental drilling. There are various extraction methods for exploring and extracting underground materials, too. Examples are the use of compressed air for mineral exploration, flame jet drilling, hydro-jet drilling, and sonic waves.

•  Soil Nail Machine

This can be a crucial drilling equipment when constructing retaining walls because it helps stabilize the structure. Soil nailing is a technique in construction that can be used as a way to treat natural soil slopes that are unstable. A soil nail machine can assist in providing a safe over-steepening of existing or new soil slopes.

•  Tieback Machines

These machines are meant to simplify the tieback method to support retaining walls. A tieback is a horizontal rode or wire, but it can also be a helical anchor that reinforces a retaining wall to keep it stable. One end of a tieback is secured to the wall and the other is anchored to a more stable structure like a concrete deadman. A seawall can require a tieback to prevent it from leaning when there is too much water from heavy rain. You can rent tieback machines from some drilling companies, too.


A caisson is a type of retaining structure that is watertight and meant for any application that needs to keep the working environment dry while enabling water to be pumped out. Caissons are commonly used to build a bridge pier's foundations, as well as to repair ships and building concrete dams.

A pier can be built with an open caisson, but when it is not wise to reach the soil, friction pilings can be driven to provide a good sub-foundation. The piles are then connected using a foundation pad where the column pier will be erected.

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