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By Lyric Fisher

Sometimes It's hard to find a job. But whenever you see a sign on a door saying that they need people to work for them you don't just stand and wait for someone to come out of the door and say you got it, you read the rest of the sign and see if you are interested.

People work to get money and to have something to do for the most part. Some people work because they can not help it, that's what you call a work-aholic.

Can you be too young to work?

Yes. Because, people will not just take anyone into their business at any age, especially if you are as young as this child in the picture above.

People have been typing at their jobs for a very very long time! People still type at their jobs! Ever since the amazing thing called a type-writer was invented, it has been used for decades now! Maybe even a few centuries!

People like to choose what they do best for their career and they have fun with it, I would love to do something that involves art.... as you can see in this picture above, I'd like to create things with my own imagination.

There are many jobs that are available out there for people who don't have a's just that they don't try hard enough to get it because they don't believe that they can do it.

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