Text Dependent Questions

A Self Guided Learning Experience

Before we begin lets make a foldable that you can use with your class to encourage engagement and organization. Please view the video marked with your table number. Create this foldable. If it looks too complicated for you try another tables foldable. Table 5 has the most challenging fold. YOU HAVE 10 MINUTES...GO!

Standards 1,2,3- What the text says, 4,5,6- How the text says it- 7,8,9- Read around the text

First Assignment
Look at the common core for your grade level. Identify what are the shifts that you will need to stay mindful of to be a successful common core teacher? Be back by 9:40am


Look at all of the close reading and text dependent question materials. YOU MUST ALSO read the ELL blogs. What do we need to keep in mind to reach our ELL and low performing learners?