Top 5 Out Of the Box Themed Offices in the World

Think your team’s productivity is on the decline? Already looking for new ways to boost team productivity?

Well, one secret to high productivity are happy employees. And one way to make employees happy is to give them work places that encourage and inspire them to be as creative as possible.

Some companies apparently took this idea to heart, resulting in office designs so compelling they could drive plenty of other companies in the future—maybe even yours too—to call in an office renovation contractor to recreate a series of work spaces into fun, functional and funky spaces as the ones on this list.

So here are 5 out-of-the-box themed offices that sincerely deliver above and beyond in terms of creativity and awesomeness. If you think this is just what your team needs, consult your office renovation contractor now to see about making some much-needed changes in your own office space:

Selgas Cano Office

Imagine working in an office with nature everywhere: plenty of trees around, open space, and natural light. That’s what employees of Selgas Cano, the Spanish architectural firm, work with every day. The company offices are housed in an almost subterranean building in Madrid.

Missing Link

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company’s website describes it as “We’re Missing Link, we make presentations. (In fairness, so can you. It’s just that ours don’t suck.)” Missing Link’s wacky and very untraditional approach to business is echoed in the company’s offices: from an in-house shooting gallery and a treehouse used for meetings to a tattoo parlor and even a fireman’s pole.


Who doesn’t know Google? For some people, Google invented the future. So it’s no surprise that its offices are one of the most spectacular work spaces around. There are plenty of communal spaces for employees, whether for meetings, playing games, those enjoying their afternoon breaks or just plain having fun. The cubicles, too, aren’t anything like boring 5x5 boxes and are the stuff of awesome.

Inventionland Design Factory

Did you ever wonder how it felt to be on board a pirate ship? Well, employees at Inventionland, America’s biggest invention factory, go to work every day in a shipwrecked pirate ship. There’s also a giant robot, fake cave as well as a castle with turrets, waterfalls and more. The company has 16 uniquely themed sets so creative and spectacular in detail it’s really no wonder it attracts more than its fair share of great talent.

White Mountain

This is an office where Professor X or an evil scientist will look right at home. Located 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm, White Mountain is an incredibly sleek, futuristic gem of an office occupied by a Swedish internet provider. Once an anti-atomic shelter, it now hosts server halls and office space.