Get PMPD in Person!

Monday, January 19th @ 2:30pm
McAuliffe Computer Lab

Yes, this is the week of conferences.
   Yes, there are always loads of things to do your classroom.
      Yes, time is something of which there is never enough.

I get it. Really.
I also want to push you to continue learning, growing, and innovating as an educator.

This is an optional, but encouraged, opportunity to refine some skills you have been hoping to hone. It's a chance for some one-on-one work time with your Integrationist.

Your devices. Your ideas. Realized.

Tell me what you'd like to work on and I will help you broaden your understanding of the tech-bits in which you are interested. It's not a workshop, course, or formal sit-and-get professional development session. This is what you need it to be.

Relaxed learning - with me!