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Hello! My name is Aaniyah Robinson representing the ENVIRO Products who specializes in safety products for agricultural supplies and services. I am here to present to you some highly informative information about our respirator safety product. Did you know that inhaling welding fume and numerous other gases in a workplace is a serious occupational hazard? Employee exposure to toxic fumes, specifically to those that contain manganese causes a host of illnesses, including symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Types of metals commonly found in fumes such as welding, include cadmium oxides, copper, fluorides, iron oxide, lead, manganese, vanadium and zinc oxides. Most welding fumes also produce gases, which can contain carbon monoxide, fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, nitrogen oxide and ozone. Exposure to certain gases can cause numerous health problems. When inhaled, welding fumes can enter the lungs, bloodstream, brain nerve cells, spinal cord and other organs and can cause both short- and long-term health effects. In order to prevent these health issues or possible fatalities, my company has varieties of prestigious respirators to insure your full protection against these toxic fumes that could harm you. It is imperative to choose the correct product to match your protection needs. That is why my company has taken the time to sale these half and full faced respirators to meet the expectations and demand of our customers. With each individual in mind we have respirators in a financial convenience for all of our customers. YES! That’s right! You can purchase a respirator that not only prevents the inhalation of unhealthy gasses and chemicals, but purchase one that fits into your budget! This lightweight, durable product with two circled breathing valves and a fitted nose and neck strap features a durable silicone seal, cool flow exhalation valves, unsurpassed comfort, and replacement parts. Our specially designed product is made to fit comfortably around the lower face, covering the nose and mouth. There are flexible straps for you to adjust the tightness around your head. How does it actually work you might ask? The built in filter of the respirator purifies the air you inhale as you breathe by catching and trapping the tiny spores and bacteria into the filter. Eventually the filter will be become clogged and will need to be changed with replacements, which luckily our company also sells at great, reasonable prices! The warranty on this product includes a free 30 day trial or your money back, you have 30 days to test the product or return sale. Warranty permits customer to bring the product back if damaged/broken before tested or if pieces on product do not operate correctly within trial error. The Company will replace these pieces or give you an entirely new respirator. However, the company is not responsible for damages of the product distributed by the customer. These products are available on our online website at www.envirosafetyproducts.com or call toll free at 1.800.637.6606. Our business hours are from Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm. Other companies who sell safety products like Northern Safety and SpiSafety Inc. cannot compare to Enviro’s unbeatable prices and deal breakers. You can own a durable respirator for as low as $18.00 plus low rate shipping and handling. The Envrio company highly recommends respirators to all workshop and school workshop functions as a way to promote safety for young adults. We provide the best quality products at prices you absolutely can’t deny. Let your nose and wallet breathe happy at Enviro!

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