college and career
Adolfo Ayala

The university i chose was the university of elpaso at Texas. they have a good engineering degree. also they have a lot of technology that you can work on for practice. also you can help friends if they ask you about some that you now of.

admission requirements

for the top 25% don't need a minimum score but they have to be submitted. for the second 25% of students need a minimum of a 920 for the SAT score and a minimum of a 19 ACT composite.

campus life

the campus life of Utep, is very green and has a lot of space for students to relax or study for a class. Utep has many things to do there, they have a recreation center. were you can have fun and not be bored in your room. the football games there a very trilling to see the students cheer on the team. you can also go off campus and do what you want to do. you can go with your family or go to the mall with friends.


the career I chose was to do engineering. at Utep they a top 7 degrees in total but there's many more to choose from. engineering is one of the top 7 degrees at utep. many students stay in the engineering class they enjoy being a part of something they love to do.they want a career of it and be happy.

salary earning

In mechanical engineering

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