7th Grade Dance Project

Problem Number 1- Determine how much money you will need in order to attend the 7th Grade Dance...

First we did the dress, which we paid $41.96 with all expenses paid. Then, We got the ticket AHEAD OF TIME which cost us $10.00. We also had to pay dinner, which cost us $22.89 with tax and tip paid. Then we added all the prices up to get a grand total of $74.85.

Problem Number 2- If the parents lend you $75.00, is that enough money to cover your cost? Why or why not?

Yes, our total cost was $74.85 and if the parents give her $75.00, she will have 15 cents left over.

Problem Number 3- What is the percent of change in the price of dance tickets from buying them in advanced ($10.00) to buying them at the door ($15.00)?

We decided to buy the tickets in advanced, making it $5 cheaper. The percent of change from buying them at the door to buying them in advanced is 50% increase.

Problem Number 4- Your have decided you will have to pay them the $75.00 dollars back with an additional interest rate of 5%. How much money will you owe your parents, including interest?

Our original price for the whole dance was $74.85, our parents gave us $75.00 dollars for the dance and we have to add a 5% interest rate when we pay them back. Which means we will have to pay them $78.75.