Online Safety

Benjamin Wahba & Constantinos Giannopoulos

YOU CAN NOT give out or share your personal information such as your address, telephone number(only with parents/legal guardian's permission) and your parents work address. Some reasons why are because if you do any one of these things, your personal information is going to be taken advantage of and you could have an identity thief using your credit card. You have to always let your parents know if anything bad is happening to you anywhere. You should always tell your parents before meeting someone you met online, if not NO. I will not post any inappropriate pictures of myself or of anyone else. If anyone sends or says anything mean to you or inappropriate, you should just ignore it and tell your parents/legal guardian right away. If it is a message online, then show the message to your parents/legal guardian immediately.

1.  The risks that some kids take is when they play online games that can give you viruses, Trojan Horses, worms and spyware that are contained in the games that people download on their computer.

2.  People can steal your money on the stuff that you think your buying off of a actual store.

DO NOT give out personal information on anything online, chats, blogs and any other websites. If you ever do, then the people/person responding to you could take advantage of you like if you were to tell them your address, they could come to your house and rob it at night. They could also just hack your computer all together to get more of your personal information.

You could be putting your personal information at risk of being stolen by cyber criminals. If you add a friend on social media that don’t know you can become a victim of a scam. Potential employers search social networking sites to get a sense of your character to find out what guide of person you are. Tips choose strong passwords that you can change often. Take time to check your privacy settings to control. Always be careful and think through what you share online.

For your password, use a unique password for each online account. Always remember that what you post online could be seen by more people than you intended. When making an account online, avoid giving out useful information such as your birthday. Passwords and pins should never be shared under any circumstances unless told by parents/guardians.

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