Jet lag with babies and toddlers

survive it with a smile... sort of

There are a few things in travel that you just can’t avoid. Airline fees, delays and lost luggage are always going to be there, and the biggest of the bunch is jet lag, especially jet lag with babies. Everyone wants a quick fix for it; I have yet to meet someone who has it.

So how do you deal?

I've been writing about jet lag for over five years now. We have a few tricks, but I'll give you the highlights. Feel free to dive into each topic more via the links. There is ALWAYS more to know about jet lag when traveling with kids.

Pregnant and Jet Lagged

When you are pregnant you HAVE to sleep, hydrate and eat to get through your jet lag. Don't fight it. Just roll with it. You never want to mess around with your health when you are carrying another human inside of you. Talk to your doctor, and read through my tops on pregnant and jetlagged before you hop on that plane.

Jet lag with babies

Everything and anything can happen when you have a baby with jet lag. Separation anxiety, depleted appetite, excess milk drinking, you name it. How will you deal with it? Well everyone has there own, but here are my tricks to getting through the baby jet lag blues.

Adjusting to a new timezone

The biggest thing you need to do is get you and your child switched over to a new timezone. Don't be surprised if your child beats you there. Their natural circadian rhythms help them sync up faster than we do.

4 tricks to get you through

I have four sure fire ways to get you and your child through your first night of jet lag- get up, get food, get entertained and get back in bed. These four things have been the hardest to learn, but once I put them into practice our travel lives got so much easier. Curious to know how they work? Read more HERE.

How do you get through jet lag?

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