Tips to help when your sick.

Don't just sit there!

Tips for everything youll need.

If you have a fever don't wrap up in a blanket.
Have cold foods and take ibuprofen after you eat.
like always drink lots of water.

Youll see this a lot, drink lots of water, and take an asprin after you eat. Stay away from noise and lay down in bed. Make sure to take your temperture it can be a fever.

Also its good to see one of these!

Seeing a doctor
It is always good to use a doctors advice. They can suscript you to medicene and make sure if your really sick.

Sick you can't help!

You get this when it is cold outside, most of the time.
You have a runny nose, soar throat, uncontralable coughing and somtimes a syness enfection and strep throat. You can't really help this sickness. But, cough into your sleeve and blow your nose into a kleenex.

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If you feel icky always have a thermometer handy. If your temperture is above 98.5 you are some what hotter than you should be.

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Have you heard somebody say rest is the best medicine, listen to them because its true. It is best to lay in bed and sleep.

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If your sick, most people like to lay down and watch tv but if you want to really sleep turn down the volume.

LOW volume

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Sick can mean your not drinking enough water. Drink lots!!!!

Docter dog
I don't know about you but my dog DEXTER always puts me in a good mood. Did you know dogs can detect when a biotic creature doesn't feel good.

Docter dog his name is Dani.

I am your hero.

Yum and helps!

Soar throat
When I'm sick a fruit smoothie helps my throat or even ice cream!!! Yum and helps!


Thanks for reading.
Hope you feel better!