Sweets don't die

Sadly, It does, just not in the way you think it will. The truth is, added sugar in sweets and soft drinks are deadly but that is only when they are overly consumed, constantly and without moderation. According to sweetsurprise.com, "...understanding the amount of sugar present in food..." which matters just as much as how much sugary sweets is being stuffed into your system. People can find limits to their sugar intake as long as they want to, but sugary sweets are basically everywhere; in advertisements, in stores and shops and restaurants, so that might be very difficult to do. People can choose to care about the amount of added sugars they eat or not care and potentially die, which is why there is no possible way to prove, (without over using statistics) that they can terminally end your life. The risk of eating or, in most cases, overeating sugar induced sweets, are in your hands.

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