Can adults do kid science?

I thought this was not only hilarious, but perfect for this assignment. This video shows adults attempting to do middle school science experiments such as the volcano, getting an egg into a bottle, and a few others. This displays the generation gap that we have in our society and how curriculum for teaching science, and what to teach in science, has changed dramatically in the last few years. Science experiments, such as the classic volcano, are standard practices in schools today. More hands on learning is being implemented than it used to be and an emphasis on science is being implemented in schools across the USA.

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3 years ago

I see this generation gap all the time. I work at an after school program and we often help kids with their homework, and the parents love that we help them with their homework, not because they don't have time to help them but because they often don't understand how their child is being taught. It is so different from how they were taught.