The Mechanical Reaper

Cyrus McCormick

Cyrus was the Second of the first two Success of The Mechanical Reaper.

The first Successful Mechanical reaper was invented by Obed Hussey in Ohio. McCormick invented the second successful Mechanical Reaper in Virginia.

The first Mechanical Reaper of McCormick cut strands of grain which was Equivalent to five man working the "then" modern-day cradle. The next mechanical reaper he created a self raking reaper that has a belt that sent strands of grain to two men and they Bundled the grain up. 1858 McCormick moved to Chicago and started the International Harvester Company. Next Mccormick created the reaper that mechanically bounded bundles with wire. then McCormick created a binder that with a knotting device that would bound the handles with twine.

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