The Hobbit

                                                                 By J.R.R Tolkien

Bilbo Baggins Takes on an Adventure!

      Bilbo Baggins, an ordinary hobbit which loves his cozy hobbit hole more than anything, does not expect and is not expected to do anything unexcepted. He spends most of his time preparing his often meals and making smoke rings.

      But one day, the great wizard Gandalf comes to the stubborn Bilbo's hobbit door and asks if he is willing to pay a part in a great and important adventure. Bilbo politely refuses to accept the offer, but Gandalf just laughs.

      The next day an unexpected party of dwarves knocks on his door. At the end of the dwarves's line, Gandalf still laughs. The party of dwarves (Thorin, Bofur, Balin, Oin, Gloin, Balin, Bombur, Fili, Kili, Ori, Dori, Nori, and Dwalin) ate all of Bilbo's dishes and cakes. The leader of the dwarves, Thorin (son of Thror and Thrain), discusses with the wizard, hobbit, and all the otherdwarves about their quest to regain their stolen kingdom in the heart of the Lonely Mountain. Their kingdom of glod was stolen by the cruel dragon Smaug. Thorin was the king's son of this clan. Still, Bilbo refuses to take part in  the adventure.

       In effect of the late party, Bilbo wakes up late. He hurries out of bed an discovers a note fro "Thorin and Co." At that moment, he changes his mind about the adventure and hurries after the party of dwarves. Luckily, he catches up on his stiff hobbit legs and jumps onto a pony.

       The early stages of their adventure went pretty rough. Their first challenge was to escape being roasted by mountain trolls, and luckily, Gandalf turned them into stone by letting dawn light hit them. They also stole weapons from the trolls' cave. Next, they had to find a way to not be hurt by rock monsters during the misty mountain pass during a thunder storm. They got into a cave, but then goblins took over them. Luckily, Gandalf soon came to the rescue and rescued all the dwarves, except Bilbo the hobbit.

        Bilbo was left behind and found a mysterious ring that makes him invisible. When he was lost, he found his way out of the underground cave after playing a riddle duel with Gollum. After that, he found the dwarves and the group continued on their journey.

      When they were trekking the land they then came to a glade and met some wargs and goblins. The dwarves climbed trees and Gandalf through some pine cones on fire at the evil creatures. Eventually the Great Eagles came to the rescue and took the dwarves away to safety.

      They soon reached Beorn, a friend of Gandalf, who assisted the dwraves for a couple of days before the comany had to cross Mirkwood. Mirkwood is a dark and enchanted forest that lies between the misty mountains and the lonely mountain. Gandalf left the group to theirselves.

       Through Mirkwood, the dwarves first had to face spiders, who the hobbit slashed his  sword "Sting" through a lot of them to rescue the dwarves who were  spun up in webs. Nevertheless, after they escapec the spiders, they were captured by wood elves and spent a week in dungeons in the elvenking's palace, until Bilbo (who was not captured thanks to the invisibility ring) stole the keys to the cellars and led the dwarves to Lake-Town, where the men lived. The impression and respect for Bilbo rised steeply.

      In Lake-Town, the dwarves were fed and given provisions for their final stage of the journey.

       At the mountain, the dwarves crept in through a magical door and drove the great Smaug out of his lair and towards Lake-Town. Bilbo played riddles with Smaug and made the great worm mad. That drove the mad worm to Lake-Town. The dwarves started looking for their lost treasure. Thorin was always looking for the great Arkenstone of his father the king.

        In Lake-Town, Smaug was breathing fiery when Bard, a grim man with a yew bow, used his last arrow at the under belly of the worm. That was the end of Smaug's time of desolation. The Lake-Men then fled to the lonely mountain ready for revenge and war against Thorin's thirteen.

         it semmed as though Thorin threarened him, Bilbo gave the hidden arkenstone to Bard, but soon Bard wanted a share of the gold for the arkenstone back. Predictably, Thorin took the promise.

          A moment later, Dain and the dwarves of the Iron Hills came to the land. Right behind them were the goblins and their wargs, definitely ready for battle and revenge.

         That was when the battle of the five armies happened. It was the dwarves, men, and elves verse the goblins and wargs. Bilbo decided to escape and slip on his ring.

       When the battle was waning, the goblins have took control. But then, a miracle happened. The Great Eagles, again, came to the rescue and fled hundreds of goblins at a time. It was when Thorin was trying to get some revenge for his self by killing a goblin's son, Boag, that killed his father. It didn't end out pretty.

      In conclusion, with the help of the Great Eagles, the dwarf alliance won. Sadly, Kili and Fili died trying to protect Thorin, who also died, and gave his will to Dain.

      Happily, but deep inside, Bilbo peacefully returned to his hobbit hole and lived a happily ever after life.





Bilbo Baggins - an ordinary hobbit, very quiet in the woods, a good burglar, the main character, turns out to be adventurous

Thorin and Co. - made up of dwarves-revenging, greed for gold, have beards

Thorin Oakenshield - son of Thrain son of Thror, leader of the Thorin and Co., revenging

Gandalf - a wise wizard, magical, helps the Thorin and Co.

Beorn - animorphisism of a bear, helps all animals, lives in the wilderness

Gollum - an underground semi-small-goblin, very mysterious

Smaug - a great dragon, very greedy for gold

Bard - a man of Lake-Town who becomes ruler of the man clan for shooting down Smaug

Dain - the leader of the dwarves of the Iron Hills which come to help the alliance in the Battle of the Five Armies

The Setting of the Adventure

The Whole land of this world is imaginary and at a time unknown!

Bilbo Baggins' hobbit hole -- Bilbo's hobbit hole is where he lives. The unexpected party of dwarves took place there. The doors are circled, as hobbit holes' always are. The hole is made of lots of wooden beams like a half-timbered house.

The Misty Mountains -- The Misty Mountains are a range of mountains where Elrond lives and goblin gate is located. The mountain pass goes through the range. The mountains are home to many caves which are always filled with enchantment. The mountains are mostly rock.

Mirkwood -- Mirkwood is a dark forest filled with enchantment. Spiders roam most of the place and the path is the only way you can stay alive. Rivers that carry dark-spelled water with it can be very harmful if you are not careful.

The Lonely Mountain -- The biggest companion of the lonely mountain is Smaug the great dragon. The battle of the five armies happens right in front of the mountain's front gate. The lonely mountain used to be controlled by the dwarf clan ruled by Thror, Thrain, and Thorin until Smaug stole it. The mountain is filled with piles of gold and vapour and passageways.

The Themes

Impression - Bilbo tried his best to make a good impession of himself (to make the dwarves think high of him)

Revenge - Thorin and Co. want and revenge Smaug for their stolen treasure inside the LOnely Mountain

Risk-taking - Many characters risked their lives to escape an enemy

Alliance and trust - In the battle of the five armies, Thorin and Co., the other dwarf clan, the elves, and the fisherman all trusted and allied against the orcs (hobgoblins)

The Plot

            The main plot in this adventure was that in the beginning, it was Gandalf that was the hero and saved the dwarves from catastrophes like the mountain trolls and the goblin society in the Misty Mountains. Later in the adventure, it was Bilbo who saved the day from the spiders and wood elves. The dwarves' perspective of Bilbo the burglar went up when Bilbo proved his nick-name.

        Another point was that every character had a different personality, from 'dwarf to dragon'. For instance, Bilbo was more quiet and precise, Thorin is the most revenging, Bombur is fat and unaware, Balin is more wise and smart, Bard is grim, and all the others are very diverse.

        The main plot development was man vs. man and man vs. fate. For man vs. man, a lot of characters wanted to avenge each other. For example, the dwarves wanted to avenge Smaug for their stolen treasure. The goblins wanted to avenge Thorin and Co. for killing the Great Goblin.


  - The main point of view in this book is third-person limited. Most of the time, the narrator focused on Bilbo, like when he was lost in the era of Gollum. But the narrator also described all of the character's expressions and feelings.

  - At the end of the 'story', I found out that the unknown narrator was actually Bilbo at an lod age witing a story about his adventure.

  - In the chapter "Fire and Water," the perspective changed to the Lake-Men where their town was burnt down by Smaug. That was the only chapter that was not circling the dwaves or Bilbo.

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