Free Time as an Albuquerque Teen

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Here are some locations I like to visit in Downtown Albuquerque on my free time, these are all within walking distance from my house and although I didn't have the  opportunity to go to these locations with friends when I took these pictures, normally I have a few friends with me.

Civic Plaza

Civic Plaza is a great place to hang out with friends if you don't really want to do anything in particular. I come here with my friends after school or on a lazy weekend afternoon. Sometimes we do flexibility photo-shoots in Civic Plaza because it has really amazing architecture and has many cool structures and surfaces to do flexible things. Most of the time though, we usually just recline in the grass and chat. Flip through the slideshow below to see some pictures of Civic Plaza.


Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico has a lot of really delicious food joints ranging from Asian noodles to Chicago style hot dogs. All are good depending on your stomach! The day i took pictures for this presentation i was in the mood for something light and refreshing to drink, but i wanted something warm and crispy to eat. The result; A 24- ounce passion paradise smoothie from Keva Juice and an Albu-turkey sandwhich melt from Lindy's Diner. The slideshow below will show you my food experiences along with some other food places in Downtown Albuqurque.


Sometimes I just aimlessly wander around Downtown Albuquerque either alone or with friends because it has interesting  architecture and sometimes its a good escape from school or home. That is why I spend much of my free time in Downtown Albuquerque. When I'm not hanging out Downtown, I like to go to Nob Hill, Uptown,or Just par-ooze the internet at home. (the slideshow below just displays some misc. photos of Downtown Albuquerque)

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