Culture: Patterns and Processes

                                                           By: Courtney Perkins

There are five groups involved in this and the one presenting this tackk is: The United States

                                        Question 1

The other four of the five groups are as the following: the Guerillas, Army and Wealthy, Government and the Peasants.

These are the, major, influences that are truly considered in the Ballots or that are affected by what happens within the election.

                                  Questions 2, 3 & 4

The power within the five groups started out for the Wealthy and the Army to take the lead with 200 MSU (Military Strength Units), the Guerillas and the United States right behind then with 60 MSUs, next we had the Government with 40 and in last with absolutely no military influence what so ever was the Peasants.

Power shifted a lot when it came to the last three months( days in reality) but it was mainly between the Guerillas and the W&A (Wealthy and Army). Since day one they've fought. The Guerillas launched an attack on W&A causing the W&A to lose 30 MSUs and the Guerillas gain 30. This was because of the bad history the two groups shared and it basically was a war between them with the others as pawns while the two "major"  power entities battled it out, never really noticing the unspoken observer that is the United States.

Now, since I was in the group of United States, I can say from experience that we mainly looked out for ourselves and what we wanted we would "convince" them to do it. With either bribes (10 MSU's) and treaties (W&A) or threats (Guerillas); we got what we want. Well not exactly since in the end the Guerillas won the ballots with Troy Emery as president and Isaiah Martinez as vice president. They won with nine votes.

Question 5

When the power shifts it can either be good or bad for a country, for when an opposing country loses power its a good thing for your country. That means you have more power to use for your benefit and goals for the future. But if you lose power that's a bad thing for you (obviously), when you lose power, you lose fear and respect and that gives an advantage to your opponents. And in the game we had losses, but none that were substantial enough to give others an advantage over the W&A. Though the Guerillas got close enough to scare the opposing groups that had deep history with them.

Question 6

Cooperation and Conflict is very evident in my life and most likely will always. But you can't always just say relationships give you cooperation or conflict, it could be both. Such as my relationship with my sister. I fight with her constantly (the conflict)and I have no doubt we will continue doing so, even though I feel guilty for causing stress for my Mum. But there are times where I will work with her (the cooperation) such as when we work together while watching our baby sister when needed. There isn't a doubt in my mind that she will always be in a pain in my butt, but I will always be willing to work with her.

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