About me

By: Michael B.

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My dream:

My dream is to be a professional football player and play for the New England Patroits.

My skills:

Some of my skills is playing football and basketball.

Some stuff about me is that I'm really good at playing football because I'm good at protecting my quaterback when I am blocking and I am good at being a Tight End and I make good catches for my team in Arena Football. I also play basketball for school and I got a lot of rebounds and I got a few points during the season. A lot of my friends that I play football with go to Evergreen. I like Eastern Eagles and one day I want to go to Eastern and play football for them. Some game systems I have are Xbox, WII and an ipod and I play them all the time. In my family I have a brother, mom, dad, cat and a dog. For college I want to go to Eastern Washington or Wahsington and play football for them and maybe play Tight End.

I would like to go here for two reasons. 1 reason is because it is my last name and the 2nd reason is because my great great great grandpa was the chater member of the board of trustees.I would just like to go their and attended a college that is my last name. My great great great Grandpa donated 50,000 to Bucknell.

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