What I did over break!
Tanya Patton

paris... trés oui oui!

What I did:

This summer, I spent my time traveling! I went to Salzburg, Austria, a beautiful little city. I also went to Munchengladbach, Germany to visit my family (they live there). I had lots of fun playing with my 7 year old cousin, Victoria. We also went to Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and Brussels on a 3 day bus tour. Then, we went to PARIS, FRANCE! The Eiffel tower was so beautiful, and I loved all the little cafes. After that, we went to St. Petersburg, Russia to visit my grandma and uncle. I was born there! In Russia, for the girls my age, it's very popular to have complicated braids! My mom braided my hair into cool hairstyles every day we were there. Finally, we came back to America and went to Wildwood and had fun on the beach!

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3 years ago

#PALCS sounds like you had a great summer!