Southern Colonies- The New Standard

William Foust


Down here in the south we have 5 different colonies. They are Georgia, North and South Carolina and also maryland, and last but not least Virginia. All of these are beautiful places that you for sure will want to live in.

Our Argiculture

In the South we mostly farm wich allowes us to get lots of money from our food that we grow. Also our cattle and animals we can sell for money. With the soil being very fertile the crops that we grow can grow very quickly. The main things that we grow are tobacco that we can sell, cotton that can be used for weaving things and making clothes.


Some of the jobs that you can have here are you can be a farmer and make money from selling crops or you can go fishing in the wonderful Atlantic ocean. If you do not like those options then you can own a plantation and grow cotton and tobacco that you can sell to England.

Climate and Weather

Our summers consist of beautiful summers with warm weather and there is no better feeling than that warm summer sunlight hitting your skin. Also our winters are very mild so you will not have to look out of your window every moring and see snow piled up taller than your house.

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