Persuasive Essay Final

By: Bailee Kriegel

Jack vs August

Education and obesity are my reasons for why TV is unsatisfactory. Yes, I think TV is somewhat bad for kids. Some people would argue that TV is just as educational as books, magazines, etc. While this position is popular, it is not true. TV causes careless and unnecessary behavior. Results show that five out of five people in a seventh grade class, believe that TV can cause obesity.

Why is TV inadequate for kids? When all the kids do is watch TV, they aren’t being lively or getting exercise. Children ages two to five spend thirty two hours a week watching TV. Kids ages six to eleven spend about twenty eight hours a week in front of the TV. Seventy percent of eight to eighteen year olds have a television in their bedroom.

Obesity. Between sixteen and thirty-three percent of kids and adolescents are obese. When kids watch TV it steers them toward eating junk food. When children, have unhealthy eating habits at a young age, it often carries into adulthood. That is my first reason.

Education. That’s my second reason. Children can learn more from reading books other than sitting in front of the TV. When kids watch TV, it shortens their attention span and that’s not good for school. It can also sometimes cause aggressive behavior and thats dangerous for the school environment. “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” -Groucho Marx

Television starts faulty and unhealthy habits for young children. Parents, take a stand and tell your child to get up and be active!

Bailee Kriegel

Thanks for reading!!

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