Death marches: A Holocaust nightmare, by Molly B.

Death march: A time when the Nazis evacuated the Jews from the death or concentration camps and usually afterwards killed them

From up here, you can see that these soldiers died during the Baatan death march. an infamous death march in which the Americans surrendered in the Bataan peninsula to the Japanese. 75,000 american troops were forced to walk 65 million miles to the prison camps. thousands like these soldiers here died on the trip.

10 interesting facts about death marches:

1. The Japanese did that to the Chinese, Americans, and Filipinos, too.

2. Prisoners were forced to walk on dangerous conditions

3.They happened near the end of world war 2 when the German military collapsed.

4.Some of the prisoners in the death marches were soviets

5. Prisoners were given no food or water during the evacuations

6. Survivors of the marches were put on seas and then shot dead

7. 1 out of 2 prisoners were killed in the evacuation from Stutthof

8. Survivors of the death march of Buchenwald took control of the camp the same day the american forces liberated them.

9. The nazis always killed the jews before or after the march

10. Dachu death march was the last death march in the war. American troops liberated the prisoners

January 18, 1945: death march from Auschwitz

January 25, 1945 : evacuation and death march from Stutthof

April 7, 1945: death march from Buchenwald

April 26, 1945: death march from Dachu

Adolf Hitler: the mastermind villain of world war 2, he created the holocaust to kill all Jews. He was the one whom tricked the Germans into thinking the Jews were their enemies. in 1923, he attempted a coup that is called the Beer Hall Putsch but was imprisoned. he committed suicide in April 30, 1945

Heinrich Himmler: The SS chief from 1929 to 1945, he was the second most powerful man of the 3rd Reich. He became head of the Munich police in January 30, 1933. Like Hitler, he committed suicide in may 23, 1945. but he used poison to do it.

The victims of the holocaust: The "German" enemy that were killed, 11,000,000 were killed. These victims were mostly Jewish. The others were polish, soviet prisoners, or dutch.

American troops: The army fighting the Nazis during world war 2, they also liberated the prisoners, and was allies with the soviets until the Cold war.

Soviet army: The rival of the Nazis, they became america's ally in the war and soon after, became communist, thus starting the cold war. Although their leader was a dictator like Hitler,he hated Hitler as much as the allies hated him

The Allied powers were the protagonists of the wars. They liberated remaining survivors of the death march. They won the battle against the nazis and later helped Germany ( except for the soviets, because they were one of the communists.)

It is important for you to know about this topic because for all those who want to know more about World War II, This tackk will teach you about the evacuations of the terrible era for victims.

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