Sending mean photos to other people or sending mean rumors or sending screenshots to a teacher  are nice.  Digital Citizenship behaviors. Sticking up for everybody or staying safe online keeps  your identity a secret. Be extra careful around strangers. Tell somebody if you see something wrong. Another word for privacy is spam. It is like selling to spammers. Never open spam, information or downloads. Malware can track your computer. It can take cash out of your account. Ignore post stuff if it comes up. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Texting, Video chat, Online games, Just using your cellphone on social media. Cyber bullying can happen on a computer or In chat room or in a email inbox or on your phone. It would include sending mean messaging online. To protect your identity. you should never share your information or your address or your phone number or age or other personal Information to anyone . Be responsible, be respectful of others , keep information private and get permission from others before using their property.

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